Who wrote this self-improvement boilerplate?

Discussion in 'KKK - Public' started by Thalmoses, Oct 10, 2017.

  1. Thalmoses

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    Aug 6, 2016
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    I'm pretty sure it wasn't me.

  2. BiceBiceBice

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    Sep 10, 2016
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    Sounds like MM Trump notes remixed:

    "Trump: Think big and kick ass notes:
    Think Big
    Never gve up
    Be SOLUTION oriented dont just think of a problem pointlessly
    Dont get scared of speaking, business, leaving comfort zone. Its all a game. Think of war, 9/11, tsunamis and then realize how stupid
    it is to be afraid of business or anything else!
    Dont dwell on negative thoughts. Reframe the mood, especially if the organization is down!
    Dont be afraid to go with your gut or go against everyone else’s opinion
    Know your business inside and out, get all the facts, ask smart ppl their opinions, then go with your gut.
    Your WORD is gold. Once you’ve shaken someone’s hand the deal is done. NO matter what happens next you must keep your word.
    ^unless their fucking you of course
    If you have time, get more info. If not ACT IMMEDIATELY.
    Timing is everything in success. You may hold onto ideas for years or decades before the time comes(foreshadowing presidency lol)
    ^This is especially true in deal making.
    Listen to your instincts. (Esp in areas you have deep experiance)
    When luck is on your side is the time to work EVEN HARDER(and you should be near 100 percent already)
    Use anger contructivelly to get things done. Its energy.
    Be optimisitc while still seeing all the issues.
    “The power of positive thinking”- norman vinceant peale. Mentioned by name!He read when a kid(and nvp was his pastor too lol)
    Negative thinking has power too. Mitigate risk, use for persuasion, dont go for pie in the sky stuff etc.
    Always get even
    keep momentum going by constantly challenging youself and never stopping
    Never accept defeat. Its only a setback.
    To start momentum- high knowledge in area, energy, ACTION.
    NEVER lose your focus. Focus requires discipline.
    VIDEO TAPE when your spouse signs your pre-nup. That way there is no “I was forced into it” bs."

    Or a completely new and original basig gestalt, again MM possible suspect.
  3. Thalmoses

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    Aug 6, 2016
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    No, this is probably about a decade old. I found it in my handwritten notes. Either I copied it from a book or audio-tape, or wrote it out myself, or someone sent it to me.

    It appears to be an incomplete attempt to follow the alphabet, so maybe I'm guilty after all. But clearly some outside resource was influencing me, if so.

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