The TT Hall Is Dead, Long Live The Thal Hall!

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    If you haven't noticed, the TT subforums have been moved to the personal barony section and renamed The Thal Hall.

    This is because of a change in moderators and to resolve some tensions with how the forum was run. Previously, as a "typed" Hall, the TT Hall was open to and run for the benefit of anyone "typed" as TT.
    This led to some intractable contradictions in moderation and direction.

    Example problem:
    "This Ultra Woo Thread is a trainwreck, but if the Thal group wants to run in circles... then I can't shut the discussion down, only make sure it doesn't escalate to personal insults."

    Now, instead of "everyone's" forum, The Thal Hall is under one person's direction, authority, and vision. There is no longer a moral quandary associated with moderating discussion.

    Our previous Baron/Supermod, Aeoli Pera, Wind of the World, High Priest of the Gilded Lord, peace be upon him, has stepped down from herding cats, and is currently effortposting away at his blog: Aeoli Pera |

    Aeoli may post here in the future, but is currently taking a break from the forum.

    I, Boneflour, Gilded Lord, Supreme Chancellor, and Malevolent Overlord of The Thal Hall, First Of His Name, have now taken up cat herding duties, and will be moderating this forum.

    You can expect most things to run about the same, and for most changes to have some kind of announcement before they are implemented.

    My aim is to be stable, predictable, and secure.
    However, I reserve the right to go mad with power at any time, and especially on Tuesdays.

    P.S. Comment on the new forum changes here, and not on the duplicate thread in Typed.
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