Our First Amendment LIMITS on Free Speech

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    Our servers are hosted in America. I therefore forbid that anyone use this site in such a way as to give cause for a search warrant. Any such content will be hard deleted on discovery. I expect all barons to enforce these rules. In case of persistent violations in zones I cannot see, I will not break user privacy, but will simply delete the whole barony instead, along with the accounts of the offending users (as a last resort to a less destructive cleanup).

    The US First Amendment protections on free speech are still fairly robust, but there are limits. E.g., do not use this forum to coordinate illegal activities such as drug deals.

    I do not wish to stifle the stylishly hyperbolic Marxist revolutionary among us. Nor does the First Amendment require it. You may call for the eradication of pygmies, gingers or Republicans, so long as you avoid direct advocacy of lawless violence that is likely to imminently succeed. Cloak it in fiction, hypotheticals, and intellectual exercises.

    An example of direct imminent incitement would be an innocent unarmed youth saying to his homeboy holding a gun for reasons rooted in the cycle of poverty and institutional racism, "Shoot that nigger yo!" If said nigger gets shot, both gunman and mouth-man are guilty.

    So, if some poor soul comes in here, bleeding and bullied, and starts meandering about his desire to shoot up his school tomorrow, you damn well better not encourage him to do it, even in jest.

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    God bless America.
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    "institutional racism"

    It's a very cultural Marxist flavoured term.

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