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    Here I will adress " Op-Ed: A Phrenological Investigation into the United States Senate in Two Parts".

    The democratic party has rejuvenated themselves, they did it with Yobama, the republics under trump is promoting a #jexodus... the global globohomo is doing the same everywhere, and the "republicans" are just passing along the torch to a new batch of bankids and jews. I assume nobody has missed the schism in the leftoid-sphere where the poc (pieces of shit pozz) are expeling the jews from the party.
    Trump fired Steve Bannon (remember GOY BYE!), so he could personally offer up his foreskin to jared kushner, so the republican party is stillborn and permanetly dead, this means the pedocrats win by default by simply existing, Mike Pence saved wallstreet with one simple rule but it is up to him if he wants to save Americas a whole as well, God knows they don't deserve it.

    We must keep up with the current days and this means certain morphs become obsolete.

    Whom be the leftoids replacing the jews with? Whores. They all share the same MO in PR, they all follow the Obama pr-machine seeming saviors coming out of nowhere, whereas REAL ATHENIAN DEMOCRACY is a white impopularity contest.

    Case #1 Yobama aka Barry Soetero
    Obama's sex and drugs past laid bare in new biography | Daily Mail Online | not a surprise if you read vault-co from the beginning, he was the blueprint for the sociopath-prostitute candidate.

    Case #2 Turdea aka the bellend (h/t ali g)
    Canada has elected a former snowboard instructor, bouncer and barman as its Prime Minister"
    Canada has elected a former snowboard instructor, bouncer and barman as its Prime Minister |

    Case #3 Generic Socialist-campwhore (reminiscent of Sharia "ghoul" May of the uk, whats up with the anglosphere?!?)


    Case #4 a downie-green joan of eating bark (spawned out of the loins of her cocked-out degenerate whore of a failed opera-singer mother-primordial soup). I hate stupid swedes more than you will ever comprehend-my country is saved when the population is 5 million like norway and denmark and finland. To be lectured by the globohomo superflous on "overpopulation" that is just too rich for me.
    5 million that is a lot of organs just leaving it out there as food for thought...

    Case #5 generic spic bartender whore (i couldn't find the pick where she has one of those champagne-fizzy thingies in her cunt-if you ever rolled you know what I mean)

    This is not a pretty thread nor read, there is no elegance nor class that you get with the old evil elites, and as a man from texas would say, the offspring are not their 200 IQ ancestors. You can reason with an evil person and learn their motives and ways, you can not do this with an ape who runs on nothing but stimuli.

    Still, these are the people winning right now. At the end of the day all those eloquent postings in alt-rightish amounts to nothing more than selling some comic books-this is also why these e-grifters will never be shut down because they are not promoting a real solution.
    I feel smallested just typing this, which is why you flush every morning shit no questions asked.

    I am going to miss Lord Rothschild and George Soros, they were never about woodchippers for smiling white children they just wanted the whiteoid man to stack concrete blocks, depopulating the planet and repopulating it with stacked concrete blocks.

    There is one certainty you take from this; The Chinese will never cuck to these vermin, and Kim will never give up his nukes nor should he, to a one term globohomo president
    , with future leader/politicians like these openly lurking in the woodwork. Ask yourself, would you do it if you possessed an average IQ? Just look at the facts ffs.
    New entries in this thread would "just" be more grotesque less qualified, not that any ever were but more out there so to speak, the backlash being more Borgonizing. The Chinese made YObama get in through the back, next time they will outright refuse globohomo envoys if they have any pride. Why?

    Probably because they trust themselves and see a future for their society, where any and all globohomo interference will turn it into a sodomite shithole. This is the legacy of America and donald dump.


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