Melon Jaw - Koanic was right

Discussion in 'TMT - Public' started by Mycroft Jones, Jul 18, 2019.

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    I recently saw a youtube video where Brian Foerster showed a bunch of melon-head skulls.

    In the past I spoke of something I called "melon-jaw". It was a shape of jawbone that I associated with melon-heads. Koanic said it was not a melon thing, but a "good testosterone thing". It was a big square jaw, masculine and robust, almost prognathous. The neanderthal jaw is characterised by a receding chin. To my eyes, the receding chin looks weak and unattractive.

    What I saw in the Brian Foerster video is that half the melon-head skulls actually had neanderthal jaws! The other half had what I used to call melon-jaw.

    Perhaps what I thought was melon-jaw is actually cro-magnon jaw. All the crog-mag skulls I've seen have it. Wide, square, and very robust.

    I think melons interbred with neanderthals and cro-mags. I wonder, in fact, if melons aren't a sub-species of neanderthal, or some closely related variant. After all, the red wolf and grey wolf are different in behavior and orientation, despite being close genetically.
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    You're onto something. It's not just the males. MM females have very masculine robust skulls, and they hit the wall much harder compared to girls with more neotenous features.

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