Jalepeños are White Genocide

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    (This is a slightly tongue-in-cheek post originally from the previous forum.)

    One of the benefits of Diversity championed by the Left has been the variety of ethnic cuisine. If we enforce immigration, who will make all those salsa bowls? For a long time, the benefit of ethnic cuisine was one of the few I could actually agree with. Being able to grab some fajitas and hot sauce when you don't feel like cooking dinner seems like a net positive.

    But is it though? Is it really?

    My research has led me to believe something more sinister may be at work. What if this supposed "benefit" of diversity is nothing less than an attempted genocide of the White Race?

    My argument is as follows:

    1. Ethnic Cuisine, especially Spicy Foods and Take Out, lead to sexual deviancy and destruction of the family.

    2. This effect is understood, and intentionally encouraged by leftists. It's not an accident, it's being used as a weapon.

    3. Therefore, ethnic cuisine qualifies as genocide as defined in both the Geneva Convention Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, specifically part (d): "Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group". (It also qualifies in multiple colloquial definitions by various scholars on the subject.)

    My first clue as to the true nature of spicy foods came from taking the Mercury Pill:

    In this video, The Autiste explains the relation between take out and destruction of the family. "Take out" is so named because it takes the woman out of the kitchen, removing the reinforcement of traditional roles. It robs the wife of her role as nurturer. Take out removes a crucial act of pair bonding, the "union". Take out leads to rebellion and social decay.

    When you think take out, you think Asian food. Mexican food. What is on the table at these places? Sriracha sauce. Spicy Rooster sauce.
    In this video, The Autiste argues that spicy food is Anti-White. Spiciness is degenerate, a symptom of novelty-seeking sexual immorality. The Autiste associates spicy foods with sadomasochism and impermanence... In opposition to the Hyperborean Ice Element of Nordic Europeans (Whites).

    You may think this is simply a humorous segment of an edgy podcast. But the Autiste has stated that he uses humor to lead people to the truth. That he does believe everything he says. He may be funny, but he is also entirely serious and principled.

    In fact, one of the funny parts about his whole bit...is his ironclad logical chains...pulling inexorably towards an absurd (to us) conclusion.

    Now... If it were only the Autiste, I wouldn't have believed this to be a real thing. I may have inherited the genetic ghost of Enkidu, but this is just ridiculous.

    But is it, though? Is it really?

    The Autiste's perspective aligns almost perfectly with that of the SJW Cathedral. Just trade "hyperborean" for "homophobe" ... and "degenerate" for "sex-positive":

    If you like salt and pepper you hate gays, says food critic who teaches students safe sex:

    If you like salt and pepper you hate gays, says food critic who teaches students safe sex - The College Fix | http://www.thecollegefix.com/post/28068/

    Some snippets from the article:

    ..."Planned Parenthood veteran teaches you ‘spine-tingling’ sex

    Friedman’s promotional website describes him as “the real deal—the only professionally certified sex educator exclusively touring the college lecture circuit. Nobody does it better. And he’s been at it for over 20 years.”

    It notes he is certified by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists, and is a “multi-year nominee as ‘Lecturer of the Year’ by the National Association for Campus Activities.”"...

    ..."Hates prayer, loves vibrators

    Friedman’s website Gastrolust is devoted to articles relating food to sex and sharing his personal disgust with traditional morality."...

    ..."Describing store customers who are “repulsed” by more exotic spice combinations, Friedman argues that people who stick to salt and pepper “have a strict recipe for life … believe in sex for procreation only” and live their lives “in fear of falling off the edge.” Hence they seek “refuge in rules and regulations.”

    He continues with the theme, saying people who keep their spices simple are the driving forces behind “anti-gay, anti-birth control, anti-sex education sentiment.”

    They are “anti-sex and anti-pleasure, with such sentiment sometimes turning hostile,” Friedman writes."...

    ...By Friedman’s own account, he forced sexual themes into his interview with World Spice Merchants owner Amanda Bevill more than once, comparing her shop to “an adult toy store.”...

    This man is not some lone wolf with a fringe opinion. Nor is he a 2-D, Alt-Right Aristocrat like the Autiste. This is a certified "sexologist" with 20 years experience in the field. This guy is a multi-year nominee for Lecturer of the Year by the National Association for Campus Activities... and he's comparing Spice World to a porn store... disparages sex for procreation... and hates traditional morality.

    It doesn't get more blatant than this. In Friedman's view, "people who keep their spices simple" are behind “anti-gay, anti-birth control, anti-sex education sentiment.” And it's clear he believes the opposite is also true. SJWs are pushing spicy foods as a means to increase sexual degeneracy and encourage abortions among Whites... in other words, "Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group".

    And now the circle is complete:

    1. Spicy foods are degenerate because they destroy families and lead to sexual deviancy.

    2. Degenerate "sexologist" Jay Friedman agrees... he just thinks that's a good thing. By open admission, Friedman uses spicy foods to promote abortion, sodomy, and to destroy traditional morality. Jay Friedman is a celebrated academic with the full blessing of the Establishment. This is done willingly, and with intent.

    3. By encouraging abortion and destroying White family formation, Friedman, and the machine that pays him, are "Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group". In other words, genocide.

    The next time you feel the urge, the propaganda push desire for take out, for spicy foods... You must resist.

    Go to the fridge and pull out a steak instead. Because the steak comes from the fridge and goes onto the grill, it embodies both the ice and fire elements. Steak is also expensive, and less abundant than rice and beans. Steak is therefore hyperborean, principled, and K-selected. Do not spice it with a chili rub, but season it with salt and pepper.

    Such is the way of the Nobilid.

    Regards, Nobilid.
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    I am naturally repulsed by most Spicy ethnic foods. I am naturally drawn to steak on a grill with salt and pepper. I think many whites suffer internalized degeneracy and don't go with their gut so to speak.I also cannot be comfortable in my own skin if I am more than 50 miles from an ocean.
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