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    This thread is for internet privacy and security tips. In theory, I will maintain the OP as a curated list of the resources surfaced by the thread.

    As a preface: Security measures should be custom tailored to your holistic threat profile and cost-benefit analysis. To understand security in general, start at Schneier.

    I live in China. My primary security need is to avoid the machine-learning intelligence of the Great Wall of China.

    I use two of the three top anti-GFW proxies for this purpose, and also rent a Digital Ocean droplet for $5/mo, on which I run the open source proxy script Streisand. The NSA may have compromised any or all of those hosts.

    If you would like to hard-stop NSA surveillance of your browsing activity, I would recommend routing your TOR traffic through a Streisand instance installed on a server in Russia. (This is just an offhanded suggestion, since I'm not currently attempting to solve this problem.)

    For zero-knowledge offsite compressible data storage, I recommend Tarsnap.

    For encryption, GPG.
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    I recommend only using the internet at internet cafes and coffee shops for posting on more sensitive places. Or if one lives in shared housing piggy backing off the free internet they have. However, the latter is still to insecure.

    anonymoX | runs in Mozilla based browsers. The premium version is less than 10 dollars a month and gives you a wide berth of connection options across multiple countries.

    Pidigin or Jitsi with a xmpp account for chatting. Skype is too insecure, but most people are too lazy to get an xmpp account so your stuck using Skype.

    JoDonym (JonDonym - the anonymisation service | is good if your extremely paranoid as it blocks out everything (including what browser bar you are using and tab name).

    Assuming the machine you are running is linux based one can install Tor at command line level and route all software through it.
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    All of the mesures mentioned above assume that the endpoint isn't compromised, which is typically how encryption or VPN type privacy is subverted.

    Public wifi would be pretty risky depending on how you connect to it. I don't usually do it even with a good VPN on.

    Separate devices for two factor authentication can help prevent getting pwned too bad unless you have serious threat actors after you.

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