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    Presidential candidate winner for 2020+500 just announced here at!

    In all honesty tho, this is why you have letter agencies so as to not become a vassal of another country, you can't "democratically" vote away your country, then again drumphie did not take action to staff said entities with the white males that voted for him 2016 the ones who subsequently got shat on but whatever, with based Beijing Biden; cancel those 500billion and 3trillion asap!

    Imagine, he got the most votes OF ALL TIME with zero pandering to ANYONE, no kissing negroid ass no sucking up to kikes nor puckering to wetbacks. The man is a real titan no hyperbole, kwanstania will have a great future as a chinese lapdog.

    As much as I like to dunk on mynewpolitics®, Joe Biden actually used that theory in practice. If you do nothing you win, Wow!
    Now, we celebrate.

    Just take one hit and you will enter the mental abstract that is RIDIN WITH BIDEN for a great 8 year high of the most whackiest shit you can imagine made manifest. Where drumph failed to deliver on anime, Biden won't.

    If you want to lose some serious money RIGHT NOW, you get 7,5 times the monies on trump winning, however... it may have been shanghaied from the start.

    >when you escape the self-appointed kings of europe and form an independent nation with representation only to submit to the self-appointed tv news stations with zero oversight and accountability

    The whole world is laughing at kwanstania, not at biden not at trump but at this fact, how the hell can grown ass men allow some recent-6 months old news anchor hireé go "yeah I like that guy he is the president now tihi" come on man i'm laughing so hard im getting crooked teeth and a cleft what the fuck. Even in Africa the vote is settled by a commission and the legal governing authority, have some class and decency if you want to pass as human you damn mutts.

    Give me the pdf, I will read it, I need to see the formula behind this 4d chess move. Voting doesn't matter apparently except for the fact that everything is technically settled by a vote, action or inaction, and one can only take what is given away nobody can take what is not on the table yet somehow this physical law has been broken in kwanstania.

    If you still believe in America, you get 48 times the money right now, if you win you will be rich and free, if you lose it dont matter because money is dangerous it gives people power and social credit is better top down control.

    "yeah but I don't vote" he said before being thrown into the gaschamber
    "yeah but i don't vote" she said before being thrown into the gulag
    "yeah but I don't vote" xir said before behing thrown into mr.caus wonka-factory

    the bluepilled american intellectual breadtuber-all e-platforms- will say pua/mgtow/incel/tranny came from america and blame the muh on it, the redpilled European will say it came from white american males embraced by the very same, the critical actuteness puts it all into correct perspective. This technical slight of hand cope shant pass nomore. Itz on you all of it.

    No witty lengthy internet prose will ever change the fact that white american males are worthless, this is basically the summary of their failed shithole nation.

    Looks like another victory for the European Monarchy and the Nobilids, fuck you you fucking dirty peasants who thought you could escape and try to kevork us with the fallout of your zog wars, now go to fucking bed and get up sharp report to the honorable Mr.Caus factory or I'ill turn off your fucking obamacare.
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