Hall Differences Explanation - Typed vs. Visa, Who Can Post Where, etc.

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    In Altrugenics, each big subforum cluster is called a barony or topical zone. For example, this is the Public Hall... of the Admin section... of the topical zone.

    The default behavior of each hall is:

    -Public is viewable to randoms, and anyone that registers an account can post, no invite needed. (Grob the example man can post dank memes in the Nobirid Public Hall till the Nobirid baron invites him to Typed.)

    -Typed is viewable and postable by default by anyone at Typed level. A Typed member from one barony can see and post on all the different Typed forums. (Grob from the Nobirid barony can see/post in Nobirid-Typed and also TT-Typed)

    -Visa is viewable/postable to members of that barony by default, invite only for everyone else. (Grob the Nobirid can see the Nobirid Visa Hall... but he can't see the TT-Visa hall without the TT baron adding him.)

    -Native is viewable/postable members of the barony only, no exceptions. (Grob can see Nobirid Native, no other types allowed.)

    Default behavior can be changed at the baron's whim (example: Grob the Nobirid is an atheist, but the Church baron invites him to native forum because he can.)
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    I have just applied to join TT visa. I have encouraged Koanic to do the same, and I encourage all TTs to do likewise.
    Difficulties will arise potentially in threads outside of that zone for obvious reasons. C'est la vie, we're all men here.

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