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    This site does not allow uploading images, except your avatar. The policy will not change.

    If you want to post an image, hotlink it.

    If it is not already on the Internet, then upload it to SLiMG or share a Dropbox file link. Both are adequately permanent and anonymous.

    If you hotlink an image from Google Image Search, always click through to the original resolution to get the link to the max resolution version. The thumbnails Google autogenerates are low resolution and inadequate for most physiognomic purposes.

    Nudes, or any image that would discomfit me, should be spoilered and appropriately labeled.

    What I find disturbing:
    1. the genuinely demonic
    2. male homoeroticism
    What others find disturbing that should also be spoilered:
    1. gore
    Use reasonable judgment and I won't have to add to this list.
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