Biblical charity - the Muslim Brotherhood is more righteous than we

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    I wonder about the Biblical soundness of modern charity. From reading James LaFond, much of it enables drug addiction and alcoholism. Then there are the mentally ill and those in need of enslavement because they lack executive function.

    With the loss of the tribe and neighborhood, charity becomes an underclass predation vector. (It is hardly the best thing perverted - look what modernity has done to mothers.) These people literally do not buy food for themselves or their children so that they can spend it on drugs and alcohol.

    Even the deserving poor are the same as prey animals to predators on the Serengeti - they bring the predators by their defenselessness. Fatten them up, and you fatten their predators.

    Therefore I strive to practice charity only where I have intimate and long knowledge of the individual, or else where the need is clearly neither counterfeit nor undeserving. The example of the Good Samaritan who finds a robbery victim bloody and unconscious is a flawless example of this - he is healing the results of predation on the innocent, not perpetuating it.

    Those who practice charity for the feels without concern for the consequences have received their reward in full from the warmth released.

    I believe that currently our charity should be focused towards the noble atomized, to reforge the tribe, so that charity, which can only do good when it is fenced by borders guarded by warriors, may resume its natural function.

    In Biblical terms, the accountability and discipleship of the church provides the tribal community in which sound charity can occur. So long as the terms governing expulsion are enforced, no leeching of Christian wealth to Satanic organisms can occur.

    James LaFond had an idea for what to do with a local tribe which I found compelling. The first and most basic need is to provide security in a world where criminals are a protected class. You cannot fix the problem, you can only send it down the street. Which you accomplish by creating a neighborhood watch of men who patrol, sharing shifts to keep eyes on the neighborhood round the clock.

    Jesus kept no regular feeding of the 5,000, but turned away many who merely wished to fill their bellies. In ancient Israel, a righteous man allowed the widow, cripple and orphan to eat at his table, but not the idle, wicked or slut.

    So I wish that your good charitable impulses may not be throttled by the many snares Satan has laid in the West, which take the babe in the womb and the bum in the wine. Rather, use charity as the Muslim Brotherhood does, to build community support for a warrior tribe which enforces righteousness.
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    Alright, I think I get it: no free food for the white trash and idle africans? Common sense should make people truly realize the truism "give a man a fish and he won't be hungry today, teach him to fish and he'll never be hungry again". Charity is a kind of investition, in a sense.
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