Angela Loij - Arch-Thal subject of anthropological study

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    Angela Loij was the last surviving full-blooded Selk'nam Indian from Tierra del Fuego. She was also among the more Neanderthal-like people to live in modern times, with a gigantic body and face relative to most other women.

    In 1965, the anthropologist Anne MacKaye Chapman met Loij, having come to interview a different Selk'nam woman (the last to be raised as an Indian) about Selk'nam culture. After the death of the other woman in 1966, Chapman later worked with Loij, learning much about Selk'nam culture from her.

    Loij reported that her personality had been rebellious while growing up and that as a child she argued against the nuns at the mission near her home. She had also said that she did not always pay good attention to learn the pagan tales of her people while young, and later apologized for not having done so, while communicating to Chapman about the traditions of the Selk'nam.

    Loij was a devout Catholic for most or all of her life and believed that the killing of the Selk'nam by White people had been a just punishment for the Selk'nam having been so cruel to each other before the Whites arrived.



    Angela Loij, in the middle:


    Loij with Chapman:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Kudos to Memoire for having posted the image of Loij and Chapman on the Neanderhall, which prompted me to learn about Loij.

    Source about Loij and Chapman from which the information presented here came from: Anne MacKaye Chapman - Angela Loij |
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    The eyes aren't FerraThal. Cruelty expected.
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    They look like very robust Koreans, or maybe Mongols, when young.
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    Her eyes don't look simetric.

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