Andrew Schlafly - FT Neothal? lawyer, homeschool teacher, Conservapedia founder and former engineer

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    The son of conservative activist and lawyer Phyllis Schlafly, Andrew "Andy" Schlafly is known mainly for starting the wiki Conservapedia in response to what he perceived was liberal political bias in the information presented on Wikipedia, thus making Conservapedia an attempt to create a similar wiki which supposedly lacks this bias.

    Schafly was also known for his ongoing Conservative Bible Project, which has the expressed goal of translating the Bible and removing what is perceived to be liberal bias,which is allegedly present in other translations.

    Schlafly is also known for being a homeschool teacher, and also for being a lawyer representing politically conservative advocacy groups.

    Schlafly is well-educated, having originally attained a Bachelor of Engineering in 1981 at age 20 from Princeton University. After working in electronics-related jobs at different laboratories, he later enrolled in Harvard Law School, graduating with a J.D. in 1991, and then worked as a lawyer from then on.

    Physiognomically, Schlafly belongs to the Nordic race in Coonian anthropology and has a very long head from back to front, appearing to be very dolichocephalic. In Edenic phrenology, he has a big fauxcippital and also has eyeballs resting noticeably behind his brow, making him a T-front.







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    The Conservative Bible Project as documented on Conservapedia:

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    That's backswept (par), my good man. Maybe even some backcone. Mass to rival Patrick Stewart. Widishspace too.

    Solid find!

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