A Christian challenge to whether I should run Altrugenics

Discussion in 'KKK - Public' started by Thalmoses, Oct 28, 2017.

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    Altrugenics aims merely to be a colder version of Earth, in which humans have undergone more intense selective pressure for intelligence and altruism. Barons are carefully selected, and then given autonomy. As admin, my ability to directly intervene is limited to deleting a barony if it has gone rotten, for example by becoming filled with porn or spam.

    > Is attracting Thals to a forum full of sinners a useful endeavour for you?

    Altrugenics is far less corrupt than the world they are already in, in which Jehovah permits them to dwell. If what I am doing is wrong, then what He is doing is worse.

    > Why not try to funnel men into a Christian place online, as opposed to a place full of heathens?

    That is one of my aims. Altrugenics is the wide intake funnel from which Christian syssitia can recruit a remnant. The Church subforum exists for a reason, and I am always happy to create syssitia subforums on demand. It is easy to ignore objectionable forums and people - much more so than in real life.

    Segregation works both ways. Various flavors of pagan can do the same.

    If I witness activity such as that which the Witch of Endor engaged in, I'll be moved to delete. This is a place for humans, not unclean spirits.

    > Some people on the forum habitually criticize Christianity.

    Let us posit that such people are as evil as Satan. How does Jehovah deal with him? By allowing him to rule the Earth as the Prince of the Air. Therefore I do no wrong by granting baronies to intelligent and able critics of Christianity.

    Satan is tolerated for a season because of his great virtue and nobility, despite his fallen and corrupted state. The glory of victory is proportional to the worthiness of the foe. Some contests must endure until their final act.

    If you're a pagan and that offends you, just reverse who's the bad guy. It's an even field.

    > Some people in the Edenosphere have fallen away from Christianity.

    The Bible says that there are people like this. It's going to happen regardless. You shouldn't necessarily view it as a loss. This world is about giving people a chance. How they choose is up to them. All we are supposed to do is witness the truth. If we do that, we've succeeded.

    Fallen Earth is a salvific sorting mechanism; a threshing floor. It couldn't function if everyone was overwhelmed by the undeniability of God's existence and nature, as demons are. For them, faith can't save.

    By the way I manage Altrugenics, I give the members a concrete example of how Jehovah runs Earth. Therefore when they die, their rebellion against Jehovah will not be my fault, and I won't be held accountable for their blood, because I showed them.

    > Why can't you just walk away?

    If I believed that's what God wanted me to do, I would. However, I do not. I see a very clear mission and path, and Altrugenics is a part of it. I aim at nothing less than reversal of post-agricultural dysgenics, revival of the Church Militant, and resistance against apocalyptic AI-state alliance.

    My blog is deleted and the community diminished, but that's only because I've closed for renovations. Despite all the errors and faults of the initial prototypes, they STILL produced some good fruit. Which means that a great harvest awaits if the model is executed correctly.

    To date, I have completed 1/1 of the major and 3/4 of the minor technical prerequisites for relaunch. The Neanderthal has been fading for thousands of years; he will be here when I'm done.

    In the meantime, you do not depend on me. Anyone who needs help has only to do as I do daily: Listen to Alexander Scourby's reading of the KJV on random shuffle, with faith in your heart and praise on your lips. Stop stuffing your face with food and stuff your soul instead.
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